July 2022

15Jul(Jul 15)2:30 PM24(Jul 24)11:00 AMJuly Insight Meditation Retreat2:30 PM - 11:00 AM (24) Upper Retreat Hall Teacher(s): Joseph Goldstein; Kamala Masters; DaRa Williams; nakawe cuebas berrios; Walt Opie; Neesha Patel; Ines Freedman Sold OutOn-landNo prerequisiteOpen

Event Details

Dates: Friday to Sunday, July 15-24, 2022 (9 nights). Code 372R22.
Sliding Scale: $450-$4320, PLUS a donation to the teacher(s).
Arrival Time: 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Departure Time: 11:00 a.m.

Lottery Applications Open: March 1, 2022 – March 23, 2022

This retreat is lottery-style in order to ensure that spaces are available for a diverse student body. Registering for a lottery does not ensure a space in the program. Lottery applications accepted through the end of the day on March 23, 2022. First round notifications will be sent out approximately 2 weeks after the lottery closes. You will be asked to complete your registration details and pay your fees within 48 hours of the offer.


The emphasis during this 9-day retreat will be on the continuity of awareness in all activities, which stabilizes and balances the mind. Relaxed acceptance of our moment-to-moment experience will become the platform for investigation and wisdom. Particular attention will be paid to the attitudes in the mind that condition our understanding. This retreat is suitable for both beginner and experienced meditators. We welcome people from all life experiences, backgrounds, and diverse communities.

Unique Opportunity for a 19-night Retreat
Prerequisite for 19-night Retreat: Completion of one (or more) 9-night (or longer) silent, residential (in-person), insight meditation retreat(s). You will be required to list retreat experience during the registration process: teachers’ names, dates, location/center, length (# of retreat nights), and style of the retreat(s). Online retreats do not meet this prerequisite.

If you would like a longer retreat period (19 nights), you could attend BOTH the July Lovingkindness Retreat (July 5-15) and the July Insight (July 15-24) retreats back-to-back. We will reserve 30 spaces for this extended retreat opportunity. If you are offered one of these spaces, you will be able to bypass the lottery for the July Insight retreat.

HOW TO APPLY: Spaces are limited for these “bypass spots” so we strongly suggest you register for the July Lovingkindness (Metta) retreat as early as possible on opening day. These spots are first come, first serve. Registration will open at 9:00am PT. During the registration process for the July Lovingkindness retreat, you should select the “19-Night Retreat Option” and be prepared to list how you meet the prerequisite; this needs to include the teachers’ names, dates, location/center, length (# of nights), and style of the retreat(s).

We will let you know of your status within the following 72 hours of registering for the Lovingkindness Retreat. We will create a waitlist of folks who do not get in. Please do not call us prior to that time as we are busily processing registrations. If you are offered a “bypass spot”, you will be required to pay a minimum deposit for the July Insight retreat within 48 hours of receiving the notification of acceptance. If you need scholarship funding to attend the July Insight retreat, please indicate that when you register for the July Insight lottery. Please know that scholarship funding is limited for these bypass spots and is not guaranteed.

If you do not receive a bypass spot, then we suggest that you still register in the July Insight lottery, you may still have a second chance for the 19-night option if you are selected. See lottery details below.

Lottery Details:
Lottery applications are accepted between March 1, 2022 – March 23, 2022. Applications received after this date are automatically placed on the wait list (they will not be included in the first round of selections).

You will be notified about the lottery results within two weeks of the lottery close date. If you are notified that you have been offered a space, you will have two days to pay a deposit to accept/hold the space. If you don’t accept the space within this deadline, we will offer it to the next person in line.

Financial Information:
Sliding Scale: $450-$4320; 9 nights including food and lodging.
Please consider paying at the highest rate that you can afford: your generosity supports Spirit Rock, staff, and your fellow practitioners. Any amount offered above the Base rate is a tax deductible donation to Spirit Rock, and your generosity will enable and support the participation of others. These fees do not include dana for the teachers.

Supporter (guaranteed single room) – $4320
Benefactor – $3420
Sustainer – $2610
Base – $1710
Reduced – $1080
Mudita/Karuna Scholarship (for anyone who needs financial assistance, including fixed income folks) – $450*
BIPOC Scholarship (for Black, Indigenous, and/or Persons of color) – $450*
Young Adult Scholarship (for young adults age 18-26 years) – $450*

Scholarship offerings: In returning to the land, we will also be returning to our pre-pandemic scholarship options and policies. All scholarship rates require a minimum fee ($50/night). Scholarships are limited to TWO per calendar year for on-land retreats. And, while we are not able to offer “pay what you can”-type of scholarships for in-person retreats, they are still available for online offerings as space allows.

Room Occupancy Update*: Starting with our “Living with Awareness” retreat on March 27, 2022, we will return to double occupancy rooms. Many of our rooms are single occupancy (only 16 of 80 rooms are double occupancy). We will also return to offering a “guaranteed single room” rate and these will be limited (16). This rate guarantees a single room while helping to support scholarships and all we do here at Spirit Rock. The remaining single rooms are not exclusive to the top end of the sliding scale; however, they are initially prioritized for those with serious medical needs.

*Subject to change depending upon COVID-19 situation.

IMPORTANT – Details on our current COVID Safety Protocols for In-person Retreats. Subject to change.


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