March 2023

09Mar(Mar 9)1:00 PM06Apr(Apr 6)3:00 PMAnimal, Spirit, Human, God: Karma and the Cycle of SamsaraOnline Class Series - 5 Consecutive Thursdays; Registration is open throughout the series(March 9) 1:00 PM - (April 6) 3:00 PM Online Teacher(s): Sean Feit Oakes, PhD, E-RYT, SEP OnlineNo prerequisiteOpenClosed Captions

Event Details

Date & Time: 5 Thursdays; March 9 – April 6, 2023; 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. US Pacific Time
Sliding Scale: Dana (By Donation) $0-$108. Code SF1G23.

Seemingly unlike the other identities that shape our life—gender, race, culture, caste, sexual orientation—being human usually feels like an intrinsic part of who we are. But in the Buddhist conception of the world, humanity is just one form of life we are born into. At other times we have been animals, ghosts, gods, and spirit beings of many kinds, moving through the “six realms” of Saṁsāra since beginningless time.

Though it can feel like one of the most foreign of the Buddhist concepts, rebirth and the many realms—and what causes us to be born in them—are as central to the Dharma as mindfulness, meditation, and ethics. In this round of our sutta study series The Refuge of Dhamma: Exploring the Discourses of the Buddha, we’ll explore teachings on rebirth, karma, and how a more animist vision of consciousness changes how we think about identity and liberation.

While beginners are welcome, this class may be most engaging for practitioners with some experience in meditation. With extensive supplementary material, this class aims to make the discourses of the Buddha an accessible, inspiring support for practice. Please Note: Though the classes in the series will build on each other, attendance at all classes is not required.


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