February 2023

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Event Details

Dates and Times: February – December, 2023.
Opening Retreat: February 3 (Required); 9:30am – 12:30pm* US Pacific Time
Monthly Large Group Sessions: 9:30am – 11:30pm US Pacific Time; February 17, March 17, April 14, May 12, June 9, July 14, August 11, September 8, October 6, November 3
Closing Retreat: (Required) December 1; 9:30am – 12:30pm* US Pacific Time
*Please note that the Opening and Closing retreats are 1-hour longer.
Sliding Scale: $500-$1500. Code LB1C23.

We’ve all experienced the Buddha’s first noble truth in these past few years: there is suffering. To engage skillfully with this truth, we can draw on an accessible framework for cultivating the qualities of the heart that lead to liberation.

The 10 Perfections or Attainments of the Heart, known as the pāramīs, are a map for recovery and the creation of a culture of belonging and wisdom. They are qualities for navigating life, not just guidelines for meditation, and are said to be what the Buddha was cultivating in earlier lifetimes as he slowly developed into one who could awaken fully and show others the way to freedom.

In this program, we’ll be practicing and exploring the pāramīs both on and off the cushion, with a focus on how we embody and live these teachings within a community of belonging, and sustained dedication to collective liberation.

• Format: Online
• Teachings: Monthly (12) large group sessions (recorded)
• Community support: Monthly (12), self-organized “Practice Pods” (home groups); Required, each group will determine a time that works for all members.
• Q&A sessions (monthly, optional, recorded); Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30pm US Pacific Time
• Home practices: Guided meditations, readings, reflections (estimated 5-7 hours/month + monthly practice pods + daily meditation)
• Access: Video and audio recordings

Opening Retreat (Feb 3 – Required): Beginning the Journey to the Heart

Laying the Foundation: Dāna, Sīla & Nekkhamma
• Session 1 (Feb 17): Dāna
• Session 2 (Mar 17): Sīla
• Session 3 (Apr 14): Nekkhamma

Finding Our Flow: Pañña, Viriya & Khanti
• Session 4 (May 12): Pañña
• Session 5 (June 9): Viriya
• Session 6 (July 14): Khanti

Staying with It: Sacca & Adiṭṭhāna
• Session 7 (Aug 11): Sacca
• Session 8 (Sep 8): Adiṭṭhāna

Remembering the Heart: Metta & Upekkha
• Session 9 (Oct 6): Metta
• Session 10 (Nov 3): Upekkhā

Closing Retreat (Dec 1): What We’ve Learned on this Journey

• Attend at least ONE program orientation session (required – no RSVP, just show up!)
• Attend the Opening retreat – February 3. This is required to establish the container and respect the shared commitment of our Paramis sangha.
• Participate wholeheartedly; engaging with the Practice Pods, home practices, and all large group sessions.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you are unable to honor all of these Participation Commitments at this time, please wait and join us for a future iteration.

Tuesday, January 24; 5:30 – 6:30pm US Pacific Time
Friday, January 27; 12:00 – 1:00pm US Pacific Time

Sliding Scale: $500 – $1500

Benefactor – $1500
Sustainer – $1250
Base Rate – $1008
Reduced Rate – $750
Scholarship Rates (M/K & BIPOC) – $500

We ask that you consider paying at the highest rate you can afford. These fees support the teacher of this program and Spirit Rock, enabling us to support those who need to pay less.

Register early! Scholarship and Reduced Rates are limited, and are for those truly experiencing financial hardship. If the lowest scholarship rate is not accessible for you, please email: registration@spiritrock.org. These requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis and are also limited.

• $100 cancellation fee – On or before January 20, by 5:00pm US Pacific Time
• No refunds: Option of Open credit or tax deductible donation to Spirit Rock – January 21 until February 19
• No refunds or Open credits – February 20 and beyond
*Fees reduced for scholarship participants


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