December 2020

02Dec(Dec 2)10:00 AM06(Dec 6)4:30 PMEssence: Accessing Peace Within Uncertain Times -- Online10:00 AM - 4:30 PM (6) Online Teacher(s): Thanissara; Kittisaro No prerequisiteOpen

Event Details

Date: December 2-6, 2020. 10:00am –  4:30pm.
Sliding Scale: $225 – $1,500. Code KT1M20.

Please Note: This retreat is now offered online only. We invite you to try this creative form of practice as we take care of one another and respond skillfully to COVID-19.

The intention of the retreat is to recognize and validate the unshakable heart in the midst of things falling apart.

In the Girimananda Sutta, the Buddha declared: “This is peaceful, this is sublime: namely, the calming of all formations, the relinquishment of all acquisitions, the ending of craving, dispassion, the cessation of suffering, Nibbana.”

The retreat will investigate the concept and realization of Nibbana–the amata dhamma, “that which never dies”–as it is presented in the Theravāda and Mahāyāna traditions. Some of the texts used include the Greater Heartwood Sutta, the Mula Sutta, the Shurangama Sutra, and the Heart Sutra. We will also explore how deeper levels of realization and equanimity support meaningful and effective engagement in our precarious time.

This retreat includes study, discussion, meditation, chanting, devotional practices, and completes with a Kuan Yin Compassion Ceremony from the Chinese Mahāyāna tradition dedicated to peace and freedom from harm for all.


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