January 2019

27Jan01FebHeart of Awareness(January 27) 3:00 PM - (February 1) 11:30 AM Upper Walking Hall Teacher(s): Sharda Rogell, JD Doyle (assistant) No prerequisite


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Dates: Sunday, January 27, 3:00pm – Friday, February 1, 11:30am; 5 nights
Sliding Scale: $1300 – $600, PLUS a donation to the teacher(s) and retreat staff. Code 235R19.

This retreat is now in progress.

Retreat Description:
This retreat is an opportunity to practice a way of being that embraces the fullness and aliveness of the present moment. Supported by mindfulness and the depth of silence, inwardly and outwardly, we will explore together a spontaneous, wise and open-hearted relationship with the moment-to-moment changing flow of life’s experience. Awareness practice can also reveal layers of physical and emotional tension and pain. As we open to the truth of our experience, we can cultivate a capacity for meeting and transforming suffering into a sense of deep well-being.

By paying attention in this way, we come to understand how to free ourselves from deeply held patterns and awaken to our essential goodness as well as other beautiful qualities of our heart and mind.

We will enter into a traditional retreat form within the beauty of Spirit Rock, alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation with daily instructions, dharma talks and discussion in both large and small groups. There will also be an open period in the afternoon that will allow you to find your own rhythm in the practice.

This retreat is suitable for new and experienced students alike. All are welcome.

Financial assistance is available for all Spirit Rock residential retreats. Our scholarship rate is $40/night and available for all those with financial hardship with special funds allocated to People of Color (POC), folks with serious medical conditions, and young adults (age 18-26). Scholarship funding is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Scholarships are budgeted per retreat and because they are in high demand, can run out quickly. We encourage you to register for a retreat as close as possible to the registration opening date (lotteries are an exception).

A unique scholarship opportunity — the Hemera Contemplative Fellowship! If you are 18 years of age or older with a commitment to service — serving others through your profession — you should consider reviewing the eligibility for this Fellowship. In general, this Fellowship is for those who are full-time in the listed eligible professions and are new to silent residential retreat practice. Follow this link for more detailed information: Hemera Contemplative Fellowships. ONE scholarship allowed per person, per calendar year.

Location: Upper Walking Hall. This retreat is designed as a smaller and more intimate retreat and as such, it is held in the upper Walking Hall. This hall is located at the top of a flight of stairs adjacent to the main meditation hall. It is not accessible by wheelchair or scooter. If you have mobility limitations such that you cannot climb a flight of stairs, this retreat is not appropriate for you. Please call the registration department for more details BEFORE you register for this retreat if you have concerns related to accessibility to the upper Walking Hall.

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Also, please remember that the cost above is priced as a sliding scale. Please consider paying at the highest level of the sliding scale that you can afford. This allows others who need to pay less the opportunity to attend. Fee is for room and board. Teaching and staffing of the retreats is by donation at the end of the retreat. For more information, see Retreat FAQ.


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