February 2019

02Feb01MarInsight Meditation 2-Month Retreat(February 2) 3:00 PM - (March 1) 11:30 AM Upper Retreat Hall Teacher(s): FEBRUARY -- Sally Armstrong, James Baraz, Kamala Masters, Andrea Fella, Tempel Smith, Richard Shankman, Martha Link (yoga), Yong Oh (assistant, Feb 2-16), Neesha Patel (assistant, Feb 16-Mar 2); MARCH -- Donald Rothberg, Sharda Rogell, Oren Jay Sofer, Heather Sundberg, DaRa Williams (Mar 2-16), Arinna Weisman (Mar 16-30), Amana Johnson (yoga and Teacher-in-Training); Alisa L. Dennis (Teacher-in-Training, Mar 2-16); Pawan Bareja (Teacher-in-Training, Mar 16-30) Prerequisite

Event Details

Dates: Saturday, February 2, 3:00pm – Saturday, March 30, 11:30am; 56 nights
Sliding Scale: $12200 – $5545, PLUS a donation to the teachers and retreat staff. Code 238R19.
Applications are still being accepted! The 2-Month retreat has a very short wait list and if you do not need scholarship funding, you may be able to get into the retreat. Scholarship funding has been allocated and is no longer available.

Visit the link below for:
February 1-Month Retreat Application
March 1-Month Retreat Application

Prerequisites for Long Retreats: BEFORE applying, you must have completed at least 14 nights of silent residential retreat time with at least 2 retreats being 5-nights or longer. These retreats should have been led by Spirit Rock, IMS, or IRC teachers, or other recognized Insight Meditation teachers. To qualify, these previous retreats must have a similar format to this retreat, with instructions, practices and talks focused on Insight Meditation. You will need to provide the teachers’ names, dates, location, length (# of nights), and style of the retreats when applying, along with a practice-meeting questionnaire.

Retreat Description:
An extended period of retreat offers the rare opportunity for sustained and dedicated practice. This retreat emphasizes quieting the mind, opening the heart, and developing profound clarity and depth of insight practice. Instruction will follow the traditional four foundations of mindfulness, combined with training in loving-kindness and compassion, through a daily schedule of silent sitting, walking, dharma talks and practice meetings with teachers.

These extended retreats (and all retreats at Spirit Rock) are not open for “self-retreats”.

Applications and Scholarships:
We are still accepting applications! If you do not need scholarship funding, you may be able to get in sooner. We are sorry to say that all of the scholarship funding has been allocated at this time. If you are able to attend the retreat and utilize our Payment Plan which requires you to pay a minimum deposit of $35/night ($1960), but then pay off the balance of the retreat fee following the retreat over a maximum of 6 monthly installments, please apply! We may be able to get you into the retreat.

General Information

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Also, please remember that the cost above is priced as a sliding scale. Please consider paying at the highest level of the sliding scale that you can afford. This allows others who need to pay less the opportunity to attend. Fee is for room and board. Teaching and staffing of the retreats is by donation at the end of the retreat. For more information, see Retreat FAQ.


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