November 2020

08Nov10:00 AM4:30 PMThe Wisdom of the Moon: Dharma & Celtic Mythology10:00 AM - 4:30 PM Online Teacher(s): Erin Selover, MFT; Jessica Morey No prerequisite

Event Details

Date: November 8, 2020. 10:00am – 4:30pm
Sliding Scale: $45-$200. Code ES1D20.

Please Note: This retreat is now offered online only. We invite you to try this creative form of practice as we take care of one another and respond skillfully to COVID-19.


“Fill yourself with the Dharma.
When you are as full as the full moon – burst open
Make the dark night shine”
~ From the First Free Women: Poems of early Buddhist nuns by Weingast

How do we practice in a way that is aligned with the rhythms of nature? How can Dharma practice serve to unearth buried aspects of ourselves that are essential to an integrated awakening process while empowering feminine and intuitive ways of knowing?

At the heart of the Dharma is a profound understanding of the nature of change. In these times of unprecedented uncertainty with the global pandemic, social uprisings and climate catastrophes, the Dharma offers us insight and practices to meet change with dignity.

In this retreat, we will explore this foundational teaching of impermanence through the lenses of two ancient wisdom traditions: Buddhism and Celtic Mythology. We will learn how the symbol of the moon is an ever-present reminder of this cyclical, changing nature. And like the moon, we will (re)discover how to reclaim our seat in our more than human global community as an illuminating embodiment of change, shining our light to the world.

We will offer poems from first Buddhist nuns, The Therigatha and the old Celtic Myth, The Buried Moon as translated by Sharon Blackie in “If Women Rose Rooted” as a frame for this exploration. Together, we will delve into the intimacy of silent meditation
practice with the support of community. We will encourage practice outdoors, inquiry, and close the day with song, dance, and celebration.

All genders are welcome.


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